Modern Technology

–          LED Loupe-Light
–          Digital X-Ray
For our diagnostics we use digital X-ray equipment for digital and panoramic images, with the lowest possible radiation dose.
Your x-ray images are available for immediate evaluation. If you wish, we can also provide you with x-ray copies.
–          Cerec3 – Dental prosthesis
We use the Cerec3 system for quick, precise, and highly detailed construction of restorations.

The benefits of Cerec3 restorations:

  • high quality
  • for the complete treatment only one appointment is required , since the restoration is designed and fabricated from start to finish directlyin the practice
  • CEREC 3 eliminates the inconvenience of using dental putty to take an impression of the tooth, instead  a digital picture of the dental prosthesis is taken using the CEREC 3 camera
  • gentle to your tooth substance = minimally invasive
  • long lasting

Cerec3 system consists of an infrared digital camera, a computer with 3-D imaging software and a milling unit.
A digital picture of the tooth is taken using the CEREC 3 camera. The picture is transferred into the computer.
The CEREC 3 software converts this picture to a 3-D virtual model of the prepared tooth.
CEREC 3 milling unit fabricates a new tooth from a high-quality ceramic block, which matches the shade and colour of the surrounding teeth.
Veneers, half crowns, crowns and inlays can be fabricated with the accuracy up to 25 micrometer.

–          Ultrasonic cleaner
We use modern ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove dental plaque or impurities (calculus, dental cement etc.), as well as sonic- and ultrasonic scaler
for periodontal treatment.