Accurate diagnostics & extensive consultation

The accurate diagnosis is the key factor for each treatment.

During your initial visit, you will receive a thorough dental evaluation, including teeth, throat, jaw and mouth exam. The results will be documented. We will also provide you with a panoramic digital image taken by our modern digital x-ray machine. (if no other up to date  x- ray images are available)

On the first visit, we like to do a thorough check up especially bearing in mind that there can often be a related connection between dental illnes
and the well being of your whole body, as well as the overall physical and emotional condition of the patient (for example stress related dental issues such as bruxism, or squeezing of the mouth muscles, etc.)

During this initial consultation we will review and explain to you the outcome of the diagnostics based on the provided documentation.
We will advise you on the possibilities and appropriate steps encompassing the successful therapy and prepare for you an individual treatment plan.