Our philosophy
“Beautiful and healthy teeth are an expression of attraction, success and quality of life”

Our primary goal is to keep your natural teeth healthy, prevent and minimize dental treatments, and if necessary to offer the
least invasive treatment at an early stage.

We offer professional and innovative treatments with our comprehensive dental approach.

It is not just one tooth that is affected, but the whole person

Comprehensive dentistry considers the connection between teeth, mouth jaw and the whole body. Many physical disorders and chronic
diseases are caused by discomfort or inflammation of gums or teeth.

Healthy teeth and a well-functioning jaw reduce the risk of:
– heart attack – cardio-vascular diseases
– stroke – rheumatism
– infection liability – headache, backache
– allergies – fatigue

In order to maximize the diagnostic and therapeutic benefits for our patients, it is essential for us to take into consideration the connection between
oral health and whole body. Consequently, our precise work and team expertise guarantees high-quality results.

Using the latest in state-of-the-art dental equipment (LED Loupe-Light, Digital X-Ray, Cerec 3, Ultra Sonic, etc.), we are able to provide precise and
less invasive treatment.

Both usage of innovative equipment as well as regular further education and training is obvious and essential to us.